Orland School District 135

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Have you ever wondered what schools look like during the summer? How about all the work that goes into adding extra classrooms (and remodeling existing classrooms) to accommodate all of the new full day kindergarten students coming in the fall? And let’s not forget about the repairs and maintenance of all the District’s 11 buildings; lawn maintenance, carpet cleaning, floor waxing, painting, moving classrooms, delivering books and furniture, and so much more!

While students and staff and are enjoying their much deserved summer break, District 135 Maintenance and Custodial Staff continue to work hard to ensure that all buildings, inside and out, are ready for the 2016-2017 Opening Day!

Take a look at just some of our summer projects:


Dan Werfelman
Director of Facilities, Operations and Maintenance
Fax: 708-349-9804
Rick Hansen
Associate Director

Katie Lazarski