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Welcome Letter

  • Dear Orland School District 135 Families,

    Welcome, to the 2020-2021 school year! We are eager to, remotely, greet Orland School District 135 students and families as we enter another school year with excitement!

    Ideally, we would be meeting each other in person and greeting our students as they arrive on busses, in cars, walking, or riding bikes.  Given the circumstances under which we begin the school year, we are going to make most out of it by being committed to providing the best experience possible for our students, regardless of our mode of learning. As we begin this school year and plan for the entire year, social emotional learning and the well-being of our students and each other is our focus.  Based on our Title I survey conducted last spring, and based on our commitment to social emotional well-being and development, this year will include a variety steps being taken to improve social emotional learning.  For a summary of measures being taken in our District, please see the slides below on this webpage. A driving factor behind how we shape our classroom experiences for our students, is your feedback and input to us! The work of improving curriculum, assessment, and instruction is never complete.  In addition to shareholder feedback, student assessment data, State mandates, and community changes also guide our continuous work to provide the best educational experiences for our District 135 students. 

    Based on feedback we have received since last spring, and based on updated guidelines from the Illinois State Board of Education, we have developed our remote learning and e-learning plans.  Remote learning days are the days on which our students remain home and learn remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  For the updated Remote Learning Plan, please see the link below.

    E-learning days are days on which our Distict is closed due to emergency school closures such as snow days. E-learning days give us the ability to use these days instead of snow days, which would allow us to avoid having to make these days up at the end of the school year.  For more information on remote learning days and e-learning days, please see the information provided below.  

    Thank you again for your time, consideration, and dedication. On behalf of Orland School District 135, we wish all of our families a great school year!


    The Department of Curriculum


    Social Emotional Learning

    Remote Learning 


  •  Mission Statement

    The mission of professional development in Orland School District 135 is to promote a lifelong collaborative learning process that nourishes the growth of educators by improving their skills and abilities, both as individuals and as team members. We believe the ultimate goal of professional development is to improve learning for all students. All professional development will reflect these frameworks:

    • Research

    • Data Base Decisions

    • Effective Teaching Practices

    • Scientifically Based Practices

    Goals of the Curriculum Department Professional Development:

    Supports the District's strategic plan for improving student achievement.

    Is driven by student needs and the skills teachers require to meet those needs.

    Is sustained and intensive with opportunities for collaborative application and review.

    Is designed to help teachers and other staff members meet the needs of students who learn in different ways and who come from diverse backgrounds.

    Is evaluated on the basis of its impact on teacher effectiveness and student learning.

    This assessment guides the subsequent professional development efforts. 

Homework Policy and Explanation