Welcome to the Curriculum Department Site!

Welcome Letter

  • Dear Orland School District 135 Families,

    Thank you for visiting our webpage!  As we move into 2022, here are some areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment on which we are working with  teachers, students, parents and administration. 

    • Increasing rigor to meet state standards
    • Providing weekly professional development for staff
    • Improving classroom instruction and delivery models, including small groups and differentiated instruction
    • Improving our multi-tiered systems of support for academic and social growth
    • Connecting teachers, administrators, students, and families to curriculum, resources, and tools supporting student success
    • Addressing student behavior through accountability, teaching, and relationships
    • Providing resources and professional development to meet the needs of students so they are prepared to learn 
    • Planning for summer 2022 education and professional learning
    • Preparing and planning for the 2022-2023 school year


    The Department of Curriculum

  •  Mission Statement

    The mission of professional development in Orland School District 135 is to promote a lifelong collaborative learning process that nourishes the growth of educators by improving their skills and abilities, both as individuals and as team members. We believe the ultimate goal of professional development is to improve learning for all students. All professional development will reflect these frameworks:

    • Research

    • Data Base Decisions

    • Effective Teaching Practices

    • Scientifically Based Practices

    Goals of the Curriculum Department Professional Development:

    Supports the District's strategic plan for improving student achievement.

    Is driven by student needs and the skills teachers require to meet those needs.

    Is sustained and intensive with opportunities for collaborative application and review.

    Is designed to help teachers and other staff members meet the needs of students who learn in different ways and who come from diverse backgrounds.

    Is evaluated on the basis of its impact on teacher effectiveness and student learning.

    This assessment guides the subsequent professional development efforts. 

Homework Policy and Explanation