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Backpack Bliss: Virtual Backpack

Backpack Bliss Virtual Backpack

Orland School District 135 has implemented a "virtual backpack" program called Backpack BLISS in an effort to reduce paper usage throughout the District.

BLISS stands for the five reasons we use a "virtual backpack" program:

  • Be Environmentally Friendly
  • Lighten student backpacks
  • Increase effectiveness of flyer distribution
  • Save money for organizations
  • Save time for District personnel

About Backpack BLISS

Prior to creating the virtual backpack program, the District already had policies and procedures in place that limited the materials students were asked to bring home to their families. Backpack BLISS changed the distribution method of those materials. Rather than local organizations making copies of their approved flyers, and District personnel coordinating their distribution to the schools, the flyers are posted to this designated place on our website. A small number of paper copies are made available in the District's Administration Center for those families without Internet access. Periodic e-mail alerts are sent to the District's e-news group letting them know that new flyers have been added to the site.

Please forward all postings along with the criteria form to