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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to get involved in the District and make an impact on our students!

- Parent Organizations: As explained above, the parent organizations are a great way to volunteer for the District's children. To become involved with any of the groups listed, click on their webpage, and contact the individual listed for more information.

- Attend school functions: Coming to school events is a great way to support the children of District 135. You are welcome at band, orchestra and choir performances, talent shows, Board meetings, and much more. Visit our calendar page to see a list of upcoming events.

- Support your child's classroom teacher: Keep the teacher informed of your child's needs through positive interactions;  leave him/her a voicemail message or e-mail message, or send a note to school. Contact information for the staff members can be found on each school webpage, or you can simply type the teacher's name into the "search" box.

- More volunteer opportunities will be posted here as the need arises!