Orland School District 135

The District is currently in transition from BoardBook to BoardDocs.  
Due to the transition, you can find old board packets by clicking on "Past Board Packets" under Board of Education at the top of the page.
All agendas and Board packets for meetings moving forward can be found by clicking here.
BoardWatch and approved meeting minutes can still be found below. 
   Date Location    Type Agenda  Approved Minutes   Boardwatch
 7-13-15  D.O.  Regular  Agenda  Approved Minutes  BoardWatch
 7-13-15  D.O.  COW Agenda  Approved Minutes  X
 7-22-15  D.O.   Special Agenda  Approved Minutes  X
 8-10-15   D.O. COWAgenda Approved Minutes X
 8-10-15   D.O. RegularAgenda Approved Minutes X
 8-27-15 Center SpecialAgenda Approved Minutes X 
 9-2-15 Center SpecialAgenda Approved Minutes X
 9-14-15   D.O. Special Agenda Approved Minutes X 
 9-14-15 D.O.  COWAgenda  Approved Minutes
 9-14-15 D.O.  Regular Agenda  Approved MinutesBoardWatch
 9-28-15 CJH Regular Agenda  Approved MinutesBoardWatch
 10-19-15 HP COWAgenda Approved Minutes X
 10-19-15 HP RegularAgenda Approved MinutesBoardWatch
 10-26-15 D.O. SpecialAgenda Approved MinutesBoardWatch 
 11-9-15 Center  COWAgenda Approved Minutes BoardWatch
 11-9-15 Center RegularAgenda Approved MinutesBoardWatch 
 11-30-15 D.O.  COWAgenda Approved Minutes X
 12-14-15 D.O. Regular Agenda Approved MinutesBoardWatch 
 12-14-15 D.O.  COW Agenda Approved MinutesX
 1-11-16 Liberty  Regular Agenda
 Approved Minutes BoardWatch 
 1-11-16 Liberty  COW Agenda
 Approved MinutesX
 2-8-16 D.O.  COWAgenda Approved Minutes 
 2-8-16  D.O.  Regular Agenda Approved Minutes  BoardWatch
 3-9-16 D.O.  Special Agenda  Approved Minutes
 3-14-16  D.O.  COW
AgendaApproved Minutes X
 RegularAgenda Approved MinutesBoardWatch
 4-11-16  Jerling COWAgenda Approved Minutes  X
4-11-16 Jerling Regular Agenda Approved Minutes BoardWatch 
 5-9-16Prairie COW Agenda Approved Minutes
5-9-16 Prairie Regular Agenda  Approved Minutes BoardWatch
 6-9-16Center    Special - Safety Agenda Approved Minutes 
 6-13-16D.O. Regular Agenda  Approved MinutesBoardWatch