Century participates in the following SWIC sports:

    • Basketball (boys) Jan.-March

      • Coaches Kevin Gill and Kyle Lennon
    • Basketball (girls) Oct.-Dec.

      • Coaches Kevin Pajaeu and Daniel McNicholas
    • Cross Country (boys/girls) Aug-Oct.

      • Coaches Kevin Pajaeu and Vicki Russell
    • Softball (boys) Aug.-Oct.

      • Coach Gregg Degen
    • Softball (girls) Aug.-Oct.

      • Coach Joe Galvan
    • Track (boys/girls) March-May

      • Coaches Gregg Degn, Kevin Gill, Jen Gunderson, and Vicki Russell
    • Volleyball (boys) Oct.-Dec.

      • Coaches: Jackie Ripoli and Joe Galvan
    • Volleyball (girls) Jan.-March

      • Coaches: Joe Galvan, Morgan Bianchi, and Rob Dominguez
Girl's basketball team together
The boy's softball team sitting on the bleachers.
Softball players standing in front of the school.
Track team standing in front of a picture in the school