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Pennies for Patients at High Point

The student council at High Point School recently sponsored the Pennies for Patients program with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. During the three weeks of the program, students were asked to bring in loose change. The change would be used to help fund research in finding a cure for blood cancers as well as support those undergoing treatment. We set a goal of $2,000. In only three days, we blew that goal out of the water and we raised over $2,600. 
Students raised $305 during lunches for Stuck for a Buck.  Mr. Konrad agreed to allow students to stick him to the wall with duct tape.  By the end of the third lunch, staff was able to remove the milk crate he was standing on, and he was suspended in mid air!  The surprises did not end there, the second week was a spirit week. Students wore pajamas and brought in pennies, wore neon colors and brought in nickels, dazzled with dimes, went crazy with quarters and teamed up with dollars and change to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The second week brought in over $3,300 in dollars and change! 
The campaign came to an end with a grade level challenge.  Fifth grade was victorious and earned a chance to sit where they chose in the lunchroom for a day.  Staff was blown away by the generosity of our High Point families.  In the three weeks, we raised a total of $9,190.50.  Mrs. Wojcik's class was our top class and has earned a pasta party from Olive Garden as a thank you from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Thank you to all those who participated, it would not have been possible without you!
tally   Konrad Fundraising Goals