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High Point curriculum night a success

Over 200 people attended High Point's first curriculum night of the year, representing 68 families.  The evening's theme was "Hachi Night", named after the One Book, One School, Hachiko Waits.  Hachi Night offered a variety of fun activities for our families:  Soduko, Japanese Name Writing, Candy Sushi, Origami bookmarks, Japanese Cherry Blossom Art Project, and Martial Arts (demonstrated by one current and two former High Point students, all brothers from one of our families.)  The students were able to get a paw stamp/sticker in their passport as they completed each activity.  This motivated them to try all of the stations. Children worked collaboratively to complete the stations, and everyone enjoyed a wonderful night together!


Two children sitting with a parent Students working on a station Students and parents working togehter Three students holding up their projects Student holding items in a basket Three children sitting at a table