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OJH 8th Grader Raises Money For Cancer Research

Declan Haubenreiser, an 8th grader at Orland Jr High is a big sports fan…

“(I like) the Bucks, Bulls, Bears… even though I don’t know why I still support that team…” says the 8th grader.

Being a Chicago bears fan can be difficult at times, but Haubensreiser is no stranger to difficulties. At a young age, Haubenreiser and his twin sister lost their mom to Breast Cancer and now Declan, who is a member of the Eagles cross country and track team, is running for a cause.

“I actually think this whole running thing started when we visited Yellowstone. I asked my aunt if I could run to a gyser and she said I could and then said I’m joining the cross country team in middle school," reports Declan.

Even though the cross country season is now over, Declan is still running through the month of October: 35 miles in 31 days. He is also collecting funds for the American Cancer Society. 

“Most of the time when I'm running I just want to get the miles over with, but when I see the funds getting donated, last I checked we had over $2,000 on Facebook, I know it’s going to a good cause” says Haubenresier.

With the month almost half over, Declan and his aunt are still keeping track of his miles and are keeping the goal in sight, “I honestly forgot how many miles I’ve run, until she told me, I think I may have 17 or 15 done."

If you would like to donate to Declan’s cause, he has a Facebook fundraiser titled “Declan's fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month 35 Mile Challenge” as well as a GoFundMe page that donates directly to the American Cancer Society.  Haubenreiser also suggests to anyone who may want to start running and raise money like him, "there's still time, just get going!".