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Growing creativity at Park School

Art teacher Nancy Heuser wanted to mimic Park School's picturesque surroundings, so she developed an idea to create three colorful tree sculptures for the grounds. The trees were constructed out of PVC pipes by Assistant Director of Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance, Ted Schultz and HVAC Maintenance Staff Member, Ron Hallman.  
Second grade artists painted designs on the trunks and branches, incorporating the Elements of Art: line, shape, color, texture, value, space, and form. Through these sculptures, students have created a lasting legacy of achievement and celebration of the Arts at Park School. 
Principal, Susan Klimson-Kuligoski commented, "These upcycled PVC pipe trees beautify our courtyard with pops of color and excitement. It was an outstanding group effort. Students, Staff, and Parents love seeing them!" 
Another group of students standing in front of their tree sculpture