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Orland Park Art Fair

Community Children’s Art Sculpture

          On Saturday July 18th, 2015 many people came out to look, get inspired, and see wonderful works of art created by many local artists at the Orland Park Art Fair. While walking through the Art Fair, there were places for children to come and create their own art. District 135 Art Educators had a space for the community children to get involved in the creation of a sculpture they can call their own. We were happy to continue this tradition from last year.

      Many children and their families came to the table to paint on a wooden block. The children were free to paint on all 6 faces of the cube. There was a wide range of paint colors that could be used. Many children who attend school in District 135, up and coming District 135 students, children from other neighboring towns, and states participated in creating their own cube painting. “It brings a smile to my face when I see a child dip their brush into the paint and just watch their reaction to what they are doing. A huge grin and then a quick brush stroke of pink on one side, and then a drip of blue paint on the other, It just seems to come so natural, says Art teacher Eryn Blaser.

       Every cube painting that was created will become part of a Community Sculpture, which will eventually be placed at one of the District 135 properties. The end result will become totem pole. Each painting telling a story of the artists who created it. Each wooden cube has a hole drilled through the centered, which will be slide through a metal tube and will stand about 8 feet tall. There will be three totem poles in the end. The imagery and color combinations will make for a bright and lively work of art.

      The Orland Park Distirct 135 Art teachers would like to thank Heather Warthen, Keloryn Putman, The Orland Park Chamber, the whole Orland Park Fine Arts Fair team, School District 135, Dr. Janet Stutz, The City of Orland Park and the Orland Park Home Depot for a donation for the supplies we needed. Thank you for supporting the Visual Arts and Art Education!

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