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Family Day is Saturday, August 15th!

Below is a letter from the Village of Orland Park about Family Day on August 15th:
When was the last time you shared a meal, uninterrupted, with your family? The Mayor’s Campaign to End Bullying, the Village of Orland Park, the South/Southwest Suburban Bullying Coalition, and The Bridge Teen Center are organizing the first annual FAMILY DAY on Saturday, August 15, 2015. FAMILY DAY is just one element of a plan that is being implemented locally to take a proactive stance against bullying in our community. According to the Journal of American Medicine, less than 50 percent of American families do so. According to A.C. Nielsen, the average parent now spends less than 38.5 minutes per week in meaningful conversation with their children. The family dinner table is disappearing from our busy culture, and our young people are paying the price. Not taking time out to connect as a family can be directly linked to increased depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and thoughts of suicide. Research also indicates that spending time with family around the dinner table greatly reduces the effects of bullying among young people. The purpose of FAMILY DAY is to annually set aside one day from busy schedules to connect with family by sharing a meal together – whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. We are asking that families come together for at least one hour, free of social media and electronics - completely unplugged from the outside world. We are writing to ask your organization to support this community-wide effort by keeping your calendar clear on Saturday, August 15, 2015 --- a day with no scheduled events. By designating a day where organizations, institutions, companies/corporations and religious institutions take a break from normal activities, we can provide time where family relationships are pushed to the front and valued without the distractions of mobile devices, social media and the daily rush of activities.Our hope is that this effort will encourage and strengthen families and relationships in our community. We invite your families to join ours on August 15th as we celebrate FAMILY DAY in Orland Park, gathering with those we hold dear and unplugging from the outside world so we can focus on those we love.
Sincerely yours,
Daniel J. McLaughlin,
Mayor Village of Orland Park
Priscilla Steinmetz,
Executive Director The Bridge Teen Center