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JJH 8th graders take the Fluid Power Challenge


On Tuesday, November 29th, Jerling Junior High eighth grade students participated in the Fluid Power Challenge at the Civic Center (14750 S Ravinia Avenue).  The all-day event offered students an opportunity to take part in a hands-on engineering and teamwork challenge.

Students worked in their teams to design and build a device that uses fluid (water) power to carry out a designated task.  Each year, that task changes, and this year, the task at hand involved moving rectangular cubes to various levels of a course.


The building and design process has been taking place in the students’ science classes over several weeks.  Students were asked to keep a journal throughout the process, according to competition guidelines.  On the day of the challenge, students were only allowed to bring with them their tools and those journals.


Students received building materials and had 3.5 hours to build and test their devices before the competition began.  The competition consisted of student teams trying to score as many points with their device as possible.  


Judy Stellato, science teacher at Jerling Junior High School, said, “This is a great engineering event for students, allowing them the opportunity for problem solving, communication in a scientific manner, and to experience what engineers do.”

Three winning teams were announced:  One for best journal, one for best teamwork, and one for overall device performance. 
Best overall device performance winners 

Megan Woods
Sydney Moreno
Yara Swaiss
Madison Sullivan
Abby Powyszynski

Best teamwork winners 


Lara Azhar
Sophia Sickler
Miranda Madderom
Lilly Nevin
Megan Houlihan

Best journal winners:

Brielle Morris
Marytherese Nevin

Natalia Diaz

Ana Rose Bialek

Daria Sickler