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Chinese Delegation Visits OSD135 Junior High Schools


For the second time this school year, as part of the 21st Century Institute's exchange program, a group of educational professionals from China visited Orland School District 135.  This time around, the District was fortunate enough to be visited by a vibrant group of  teachers and principals who wanted to learn more about our school system.


The delegates visited for three days, and wanted to be involved in the teaching and instruction segment of the District.   Each teacher was placed in a classroom that matched the subject area they teach at home.  They could observe lessons throughout the day and had the ability to ask questions of the subject teachers.  The delegates were immersed in the classroom for two days:  One day they spent at Jerling Junior High, and the second was spent at Century Junior High.


At each school, the students and staff prepared a warm welcome for the delegates.  They played music, invited them to participate in class, and shared projects and assignments.  The students, teachers and delegates alike learned a lot about each other during their visit.


On their final day with District 135, the delegates were invited to the Administration Center to have lunch with school board members and District administration.  Greetings were exchanged, and each group expressed their sincere appreciation for the other.  A question and answer session took place over lunch.  This was a wonderful opportunity for both D135 and for the delegates to learn about each other’s school systems.  After the meal, the delegates graciously extended an invitation to the Board and administration to visit their schools in China and to shadow their teachers and students.


Dr. Brian P. Horn, principal of Century Jr. High School, said, “Our visit with the Chinese delegation was an incredible experience for the Century community to collaborate with educators across the globe.  Our students were excited to showcase our wonderful school to our guests.  It was a great learning experience for everyone involved.  As a gift to the school, our visitors left us with a banner symbolizing their feelings during their visit: family, knowledge, and flexibility.  We look forward to developing a partnership with our Chinese friends as we continue to strive to best prepare our students for an increasingly globalized world.”


Dr. DJ Skogsberg, Superintendent for Orland School District 135, said, “We are pleased to continue our relationship with this exchange program.  We are honored to invite our Chinese counterparts into our schools so that we can learn from one another and expand our learning community’s global connection.”


The Board of Education, administration, and staff of Orland School District 135 are honored to have had this opportunity.