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JJH 8th graders take on Fluid Power Challenge



On Thursday, December 20, Jerling Junior High students form Catrina Niven and Wendy Marinier’s eighth grade science classes had the opportunity to participate in the Fluid Power Action Challenge.

Students worked in teams to design and build a machine that uses fluid power to carry out a designated task. This year's task was to construct a machine that included a pneumatic clamp, a hydraulic lift, and a rotational arm that was capable of moving a wooden cylinder from one location to another.

The challenge  began several weeks ago with a workshop where engineers from Deltrol Fluid Products, who sponsor the event, presented the students with information on the engineering design process. Following the workshop, students worked in groups to design and construct their own device for the competition. Throughout the building process, students kept a construction journal following the competition guidelines.  

On the day of the challenge, students received new materials to replicate their design using only their construction journal for reference. During the competition, the Deltrol engineers judged the groups in five different categories, including best machine performance, best machine design, best portfolio, best teamwork, and overall grand champion.

The winning team received over 70 points during the challenge.  Points were awarded based on how many times their design could move the wooden cylinder.  All 45 teams did a fantastic job on the challenge day. This event encouraged an interest in engineering, and many students even expressed a desire to explore engineering as a future career.


Students participating in the fluid power action challenge

One of the winning teams of students

The challenge's overall winning team


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