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Superintendent Bryk Leads DC Efforts For National Guard


The Orland 135 community knows John Bryk as Superintendent, what many may not know is that John is a Lieutenant Colonel for the Air National Guard, serving as Commander of the 126th Security Forces Squadron.  Throughout his 37 year military career, Mr. Bryk has been deployed for several missions including Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Triggered by the January 6 protests at the U.S. Capitol, John was called to duty to act as Joint Task Force Commander for Illinois in support of the over 25,000 Airmen and Soldiers sent to Washington D.C. for the 59th presidential inauguration.  LTC Bryk will lead troops in maintaining peace and security before and throughout the inaugural events.  


The district is proud of John’s ongoing dedication and service to our country.  We thank Mr. Bryk and those who have been deployed to our nation’s capital and wish them safety as they reinforce a peaceful transition of power and welcome our 46th President of the United States.


Check out Mr. Bryk in the news the night before the inauguration! 


Bryk Inaug