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Center School collects items for 'blessing bags'

Center School students in Girl Scout troop 65476 enlisted the help of fellow classmates to do good in their community.

The troop put out a notice to the Center School community asking for help with collecting items, including band-aids, coffee, chapstick, soap, lotion, wipes, and more.  The school came together and was able to donate nearly 15 boxes and bags of items!

On Tuesday, December 12, the Girl Scout Troop met after school to put the items into 'blessing bags' that they plan to distribute to those in need this holiday season.  The students also wrote kind messages on notecards to include in the blessing bags.

Thank you to all of the students and staff who donated items for the collection!


Girl Scout Troop posing for a photo with their blessing bags Girl Scouts writing kind notes with markers Students lining up to assemble blessing bags