October 15, 2018 (SPECIAL MEETING)

Posted by Administrator on 10/22/2018

Special Meeting - October 15, 2018


Bilingual Staffing - Instructional Recommendations for 2018-19:  Dr. Zeder presented on the District’s current English Language Learner (ELL) population, and specifically noted that Early Childhood has 36% ELL, Primary has 19%; and Intermediate has 16%.  Prairie as a school has an ELL population of 25%, and its Kindergarten is at 30%. Dr. Zeder also noted an increase in junior high-aged students needing ELL services. Projections show that the ELL population will surpass the Special Education population in the near future.  Dr. Zeder explained that at the junior high level, staffing will be reviewed as needed, and at the other levels, the District will remain cost-neutral by swapping bilingual certified staff with staff who are certified with the English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement.


Debt Options - Continued Discussion:  The Board recommended that they review the budget and options associated with deficit reduction and discuss it further at a special meeting that will take place after the November regular Board of Education meeting.


Review of New and Revised Board Policies and Board Policies Scheduled for 5-Year Review:  A list of the policies reviewed can be viewed on BoardDocs.


Intergovernmental Agreement - Economic Development Plan Proposal:  The Board voted unanimously to approve the agreement between the Village of Orland Park and the other non-village taxing bodies to provide a tax incentive to Von Maur as they take up occupancy in the Carson’s property inside Orland Square Mall.