November 12, 2018

Posted by Administrator on 11/30/2018


Committee of the Whole:


Standards-Based Grading Update:   

The curriculum department shared a video of students expressing their perspectives on SBG so far this school year.  In the video, students explained how they are better able to sense their understanding of each subject area and to recognize where they may need more assistance.  Discussion included the consistency of feedback to parents and students regarding growth. A concern was brought up regarding the transition to high school, and it was noted that District 230 has recognized the benefits of SBG, and that they may consider utilizing it in the future.  District 135 will continue to monitor the new grading system as the year progresses.


State Report Card Update:

The Illinois State Report Card was released in October by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).  It was explained that nine schools received a commendable rating, while one school, Orland Junior High, was designated as underperforming.  The designations are given based on a rating system outlined by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). A $15,000 grant is available from ISBE to fund a school improvement plan for the underperforming school.  The Board discussed their concerns with the newly reformed rating system, and District administration noted that they will have the opportunity to meet with ISBE to receive clarification.


Workers’ Compensation Renewal:

John Bryk, Assistant Superintendent, provided an explanation of the District’s workers’ compensation insurance, which is due for renewal.  The District submitted a Request for Proposal (RFP) to eight insurance carriers, and received one bid from the District’s current insurance carrier,  Alliant/Meisrow Insurance Services. The bid contains a slight increase of $383 for the yearly premium from the previous year. The proposal for workers’ compensation from Alliant/Meisrow Insurance Services in an amount not to exceed $94,903 effective December 1, 2018 through December 1, 2019 was brought forth for approval at the regular Board of Education meeting and was approved.


2018 Estimated Levy:

Mr. Bryk explained that the Board would be voting to approve an estimated levy increase of 2.1% based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  The Board approved the resolution, and a final approval will be brought forth at the December 10th regular meeting. The estimated levy would bring in additional money to cover operation costs.  As the District is currently running a deficit, Mr. Bryk explained that the levy increase is essential to continue maintaining current facilities and programs.


IASB Delegate Assembly:

Dr. Skogsberg and the Board reviewed the Illinois Association of School Board’s (IASB) 2018 Resolution Committee Report in preparation for the IASB Delegate Assembly during the Joint Annual Conference on November 17th in Chicago.  The report included four resolutions for consideration.


Regular Board of Education Meeting:


The Board approved all agenda items for the regular meeting.  To view the agenda, visit BoardDocs.


Dr. Skogsberg recognized November 21st as Illinois Paraprofessional & School Related Personnel Day, and November 15th as Illinois School Board Member Day, and thanked each of these groups for their dedication to the students of Orland School District 135.


Students from Centennial School presented several songs in honor of Veterans Day


Student Recognitions:


Spelling Bee Winners

The following students were recognized for their participation in the 40th Annual Orland Open Spelling Bee that took place on October 14, 2018:  Yasmeen Abughazaleh, Alexander Ghannam, Eli Herrera, Jack Hovey, Emma Kanagy, Katherine Kanagy, Rebecca Philip, and Ava Zielke.


Staff Recognitions:

I-Innovate Conference Presenters

The following staff members were recognized for a job well done on their presentations at this summer’s I-Innovate mini technology conference.  The conference was held in August and provided staff an internal opportunity to learn about innovative ways to utilize technology in the classroom. Thank you to the following day two presenters:  Jenny McKendrick, Becky Heidegger, Dan Prorok, Courtney Milligan, Ellen Broad, Katlin Davis, Kristin Beeler, Hala Al-Daker, Jackie Bartolotta, Leanne Brown, Michelle Thorne, Kara McFarlin, Lindsay Zilly, Mary Simms, Laura Prisby, and Joanne Kapsaskis.

Denise Hazen

Denise Hazen received a “Those Who Excel” Award from the Illinois State Board of Education last month.  This award is meant to honor those who have made significant contributions to their schools.  Congratulations, Denise!