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Fee Management - Additional Purchases

There are 2 ways you can purchase additional supplies or uniforms through Skyward.

Orland School District Revtrak Store

You can now pay fees and more through our secure RevTrak® Web Store.  After you click on the clink, log into your RevTrak account and click on your child's name.  This will display any items available to your child.  Add desired item to your cart and check out.  If you don't have a RevTrak account, click here for directions on how to create one.


1. Log into your Skyward account here.  Once you have logged in, Click on the Fee Management link on the left side of the screen.

Image of Fee Management Icon


2. Click Add a Fee under the appropriate child's name.

Screenshot of add a fee link


3. Add desired item/fee.

Image displaying add a fee screen.


4. Click, Make a Payment.  Log into RevTrak account and make complete the payment process. 

Image of Make a Payment Icon


Your RevTrak account was created by you during the registration process.  For security reasons, Orland School District 135 does not have access to your account or password information.  If you need to create an account click here for directions.